Las Vegas [2]

October 19th, 2007

Another interesting Casino in Vegas is “The Venetian”. As you can imagine it has been inspired by Venice. I have been to the real Venice many times and a copy of it is just a bit weird at first. However I have to say that the atmosphere in this Casino is not bad at all. The ceiling (as you can see in the third pic) is kind of cool too. And think about it, the guys/girls driving the Gondolas are singing Italian song like “O sole mio”.

The Venitian The Venitian The Venitian

The Venetian Casino - Las Vegas (Click to enlarge)

As I have been to the real Venice recently, I wanted to compare the “Palazzo Ducale” in Vegas with the one in Venice. Take a look of the following pictures. They did a great job.

Palazzo Ducale at The Venitian Palazzo Ducale in Venice
Vegas Venice

Have a look of the “Rialto Bridge”… water makes a big difference in here…

Rialto Bridge at The Venitian Ponte di Rialto in Venice
Vegas Venice

Shoots from Murano where they produce the famous glass

June 10th, 2007

Murano is an interesting and cute island really close to Venice. If you are lucky you can watch while the masters are creating glass objects. It’s amazing!

Murano Murano glass Murano

Venice is unique

June 6th, 2007

After a long time (maybe 10 years?) I had the chance to visit Venice again. I had to speak in a meeting and the location was the hospital “SS Giovanni e Paolo”. Believe me, Venice is so special that even the hospital can leave you breathless (picture on the left). And no cars around only boats… relaxing…
Unfortunately the weather was not that good for taking pictures…

Hospital in Venice Venice palace Venice