It is warm and sunny

April 14th, 2007

In Italy is warm (25C/77F) and really sunny. I am sitting on my armchair in front of the big window and everything look like summer. Yesterday, I could finally ride my mountain bike to go to the office while wearing a simple t-shirt…. I know, nothing special here… but after the long winter in Boston I can appreciate that much more than before. But don’t get me wrong… I already miss Boston.

Alitalia Business Class

April 13th, 2007

After another 3 months in US it’s time to go back to Italy again. It is supposed to be spring, but in Boston there has been snow in the early morning and rain by the time I reached the airport… and when everything was grey… surprise, upgraded to business class :P . I’ll tell you, it is awesome to feel at home when you are still on the plane.

Why? A cool crew and, for dinner:
- White whine from Montalto Pavese as aperitif
- Pennette pasta in Pachino cherry tomato and basil sauce
- Verdicchio white wine with salmon fillet in a potato crust served with zucchini julienne and braised carrots
- Fresh fruit
- Limoncello with pastries

Oh, it happened that the hostess put some white whine of the wrong type together with the Verdicchio…. she changed the glass as soon as she realized it. Recently, in a fancy restaurant in Cambridge, the waitress, to bring away one almost empty glass, threw the end of it in the new one that was containing a different wine… they were both white, right… but still…

Global Warming/Warning (2)!

April 3rd, 2007

It seems that next Friday, in Bruxelles, a bunch of new results on global warming are going to be presented.

Some (scary) data:

  • temperature will get 6 degrees Celsius higher in the next 100 years, if any effective intervention on greenhouse gas emissions will not be taken into consideration;
  • the overheating will cause an increase of the catastrophic phenomena, above all in the Countries of the Third world (cyclones, flooding, erosion of the coasts);
  • strengthening of tropical diseases
  • big migratory waves (I read somewhere of about 800.000.000 people but I can’t find the source anymore… I may be wrong about it)
  • for 2080 experts forecast that the 20-30% of the animals species and vegetables will be at risk of extinction.

Temperature changes

Temperature changes in the last 140 years (source ipcc)

First in having serious problems - according to the reports of the world-wide experts - they will be the populations that live in Africa and the Latin America. From 2050 approximately it will be the time of Asia. Meanwhile by 2040 the Himalayan glaciers will start to melt significantly.