Budapest, the Hungarian Parliament Building

After waiting in line for the tickets (free for EU citizens) outside the parking lot, I finally gained access to the famous gate X of the Hungarian Parliament Building. Gate X can be accessed on the back of the building and only by a few visitors at a time. When a person comes out a person can go in. Remember, you need a valid ID for each ticket you want to purchase, otherwise you will be waiting one hour (or more) under the sun to experience rejection. The tickets  are valid for a selected guided tour of the building. Tours are available in several languages. If your language of choice is sold out you can always pick another option. You can buy tickets for the same day only and it is not rare for the tours to be sold out. Gate X opens at 8am. If you have more than one hour wait for the beginning of your tour, I would suggest to visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica just a few minutes away. The tour of the Parliament Building wont last long but it is worth the wait, the interior of the building is spectacular.

Budapest Parliament by Paolo Ciccarese
Budapest by Paolo Ciccarese Hungarian crown jewelst by Paolo Ciccarese
Budapest Parliament by Paolo Ciccarese

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