Edvard Munch - Vampire?

This is one of my favorite paintings ever. It is commonly known as “Vampire” but I’ve never liked this title… And it has been good to find out that this painting was originally titled “Love and Pain” and that “a critic named Stanislaw Przybyszewski mistakenly interpreted this painting as being vampiric in theme and content”. And the painting became known as “Vampire” only after his erroneous assessment of it.

Edvard Munch - Love and Pain

Yes, I’ve always thought that the woman in the painting was consoling her lover, not sucking his blood. Even if, in Italy there’s a common saying that some women (especially some wifes and lovers) are sucking blood…

It is so intense and warm, isn’t it?

Another couple of versions:

Munch Edvard - Love and Pain Edvard Munch - Love and Pain

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