JDPF (Java Data Processing Framework)

This is the first time I am posting something regarding my projects. JDPF (www.jdpf.org) is a framework for the definition of pipelines/nets for performing data analysis. I’ve been personally involved many times in the definition of algorithms for doing every sort of data processing (mainly in medical informatics). For this reasons, some time ago I thought to create something that was able to foster re-usability of data analysis components. And I thought it should have been free, hopefully community driven.

The first implementation, two years ago, has been done from scratch and it was already giving an idea of the power of such an architecture (pipelines are not a news). Recently with the outstanding work of a couple of students (Bruno Farina and Paolo Mauri) and with the valuable help of Ezio Caffi we decided to move to OSGI technology… (it continues here).

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