Landing in Estonia

Reaching Estonia from west and central Europe means basically landing at Tallinna Lennujaam or Tallinn airport. Tallinn, of course, is the capital of Estonia. The airport there is quite small (6 gates) but cute and really amazing in winter time while heavy snowing. I still remember the experience I had in February, it was snowing that much that even if airport staff was cleaning the ground, after 2 minutes it was again completely white. I was scared the plane was not able to take off. But everything went perfect and the plane was on time. Take a look to the next pics if you want to have an idea (click to enlarge!).

Tallinn Airport in Februrary

Do you really think it is possible to take off in such conditions? Well, in Tallinn it is!

The Estonian national airline company is Estonian Air that flies to several European cities including western cities as Milan, London, Bruxelles and Paris as well as the eastern cities of Moscow and Kiev. I flied to Tallinn from London Gatwick (3 hours and a half) from Milano Orio al Serio (around 3 hours) and Bruxelles (about 2 hours and a half). Unfortunately, from Italy the Estonian Air flights from Milano/Bergamo are the only straight flights to reach Estonia. And they take off at 1.50 in the morning… dude… landing is around 5.50 in the morning…

Tallin Airport February on the plane

The plane before de-snowing and de-icing process.

At arrival, it is common to spend some minutes at the money exchange. In any case, foreign currency can be easily exchanged at hotels, banks and exchange bureau in the larger towns. The Estonan currency is Estonian kroon (EEK). At the moment, you can get about 15 kroons for each euro. But remember credit card is accepted almost everywhere… as well as internet… it is everywhere and usually offered for free in the hotels… but I will speak about it in future posts…

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